Our Association Museum of the Valley of Lauterbrunnen was founded in April 1973 in Lauterbrunnen.

The purpose of the Association is the establishment, maintenance and management of a museum. The Club collects items of local production and use, particularly those from older times, and makes them accessible in clear sight for the general public. We collect also books, documents and objects of historical, scientific and artistic nature affecting the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

The Club is open to natural and legal persons. Interested candidates can be recorded at any time by the Board of Directors. The membership form is to be submitted in writing. The annual membership fee amounts to CHF 30.--for individuals and CHF 75.--for legal persons at the time. The Board of directors manages the affairs of the Association. On the occasion of the annual general meeting the Board of directors accountable on its activities.

A first small museum could be opened in July 1976 in disused rooms of the old schoolhouse in Lauterbrunnen. The current museum building was inaugurated on June 16th, 1984. The House belongs to the Association ground is but part of the municipality of Lauterbrunnen.

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The Valley Museum Lauterbrunnen